Castor Oil

"I LOVE your Castor Oil. I put it on my face every night. My skin is smooth & it also disintegrated a couple of small warts I had." - S.F., Danville, PA

"My eyelashes are thicker and longer. I started noticing it after one month using it. I apply it using a quick tip. I also use it after my night moisturizer on my face applying an small amount on my hands, rubbing it and spread it massaging all around my face and neck. It looks healthier and more perfect. Highly recommended." - L.A.M., New York, NY

"This is a very good value. I started getting into alternative medicine and castor oil is good for a lot of health issues. This kit supplies everything needed." - V.W., Gaithersburg, MD

"I had a puffy mole on my cheek. Every night I massaged Castor Oil into it, and the mole started to flake off! It was a natural way of removing it, and I didn't have to go to a surgeon or anything to remove it. It's gone completely now and no scar! My neighbor has done it too!" - K.F., Williamsburg, VA
"I can't say enough what your product Castor Oil has done for me and my clients and friends, it is a healing product. I am a licensed massage therapist in NC and I will continue to use this and more of your products." - D.B., NC

"Castor Oil will at times help when other therapies are ineffective." - A.J., MD., Wheeling, WV

Castor Oil Packs

"My Ulcer Colitis had not responded to AMA medicines. They actually made me sicker. With the blessing of my gastroenterologist, I began the castor oil protocol. I have been using the castor oil pack with phenomenal success." - M.N., Austin, TX

"Castor oil packs have helped me sooo much. I've been putting them everywhere; on my knees and on my back. I think is really helped me." - P.C., New Bern, NC

"I have used Castor Oil for myself and patients for the past 50 years. My kids say they are going to put on my tombstone, 'Here she lies, in spite of Castor Oil.' I have used it as a pack, without heat, for threatened miscarriages, abdominal and back discomfort during pregnancies, and any other time that a pregnant woman chooses to use it. With heat it helps menstrual pain and can be placed on the part of the body where the pain is the greatest." - Dr. Gladys McGarey, MD, MD(H), Scottsdale, AZ

"I love Castor Oil Packs. They have changed my life." – R.G., Summerfield, FL

"Thanks for your assistance. I need this order. So much healing, so many doctors, I have the opportunity to detoxify before next labs. I blew the doctors away with my liver results. Castor Oil packs work. I am called an enigma. I tried to tell them what I was doing along with their assistance. I got the, 'not possible response.' Yet they do not have answers to their questions. So I will continue to stay on my feet and watch them scratch their heads wondering what they missed. Thank you again." - J.K., Great Barrington, MA

"Thank you for the Castor Oil Packs, I have a flare up of the Sciatica spasms, & Castor Oil has eased the pain for me greatly these last three days." - T.G.

"I have been using the Castor Oil packs on a bad knee which really helps. I was in a bicycle accident a year ago and it helped the recovery of these injuries a great deal. Thanks" - G.J.

"I have been using the Castor Oil Packs ... I'm happy with the results." - L.G., NE

"I love your products! Castor oil packs are wonderful. I have used them for all kinds of ailments for me, my family and my employees." - J.L., OR

"Very prompt shipping and the product is awesome. The flannel wasn't drippy and with the heat pad it really worked!" - A.S.

Baar Balm™

"My husband was suffering from a kidney stone that was trying to pass, and he also had a hernia that had reappeared. I heated your Castor Oil and put it in flannel, and he sat in this for about an hour. It seemed like the hernia had gone down a bit. That evening, we put the flannel pack back on with the heating pad for about 3-4 hours, and the stone felt like it was no more and the hernia didn't bother him anymore! They were gone! Also, my sister found a lump on her spine. I massaged her with Castor Oil and when I was done, the lump was practically gone! Her therapist announced the lump was gone the next time she went to her. This Castor Oil is great!" - J.A., Cantonment, FL

"I recently ordered Baar Balm, and it is drying up a 1/2 dollar sized spot on my arm that the dermatologist couldn't get to heal. I am a believer." - J.T., Flemington, NJ

"My wife has used Baar Balm on the cracked and bleeding eczema on her and it appears to have healed them (closed the cracks, stopped bleeding, but still calloused) within a day or two." - W.B., Sarasota, FL

"The Baar Balm is so nice! I have a cold and I've noticed how it makes my breathing so much easier." - S.M., Gaines, MI

"I had a cold last week, and my nose was running all day. I had to blow and blow my nose, and my nose became sore and tender. I applied the Baar Balm to my nostrils and instant relief! My nose recovered and was no longer sore. And it helped clear my sinuses! It was perfect." - B.B., Marshallton, PA

"I just have to tell you that this Baar Balm has saved my sanity. The hot spots and itching and scratching I have as a result of Lyme disease was driving me crazy, but the Baar Balm takes all that away and helps so much. I just want to thank whoever made this so much." - J.L., Waldorf, MD

"The Baar Balm is unbelievable, we've gone through so many doctors, my daughter has Lyme which has given her red splotches or heat spots. The Baar Balm is the only thing that seems to work on these. Everything that we've used has burned her except for this, we've tried everything. It has actually brought sanity to her life. The money we've spent is unbelievable. And all this because we got a free sample of Baar Balm in one of our last orders." - M.L.L., Waldorf, MD

"I have an ear that does not drain easily, and creates a ringing sound because of this. If I massage the Baar Balm around the ear (outside of it) though the ringing stops within minutes and I can feel the ear draining. What a relief!" - L.N., W. Brandywine, PA

"Baar Balm works great! I use it on my hands and my husband uses it on his heels." - L.R. Lakeville, MA

"I am a big fan of the new Baar Balm. I've been using Baar Balm for razor cuts. I discovered my cuts heal much quicker when using this product. Also, this menthol soothes my skin. Thank you for this and other great products I use daily." - M.G., West Chester, PA

"Baar products are wonderful. My grandson has 7 warts on his left hand and palm. My daughter tried everything and nothing worked. I saw the CastorCream reviews and ordered it. After 3 weeks, two warts are completely gone and the others are well on their way. I am a believer." - J.T., Flemington, NJ


"I have got to tell you that CastorCream works! Thanks so much. Big hugs." - S.F., Sydney, Australia

"CastorCream™ has been one of the most miraculous products I have ever come across. Doctors will tell you that you have to surgically remove moles and that the risk of complications is high... Well, I have found that CastorCream™ can do what doctors say can't be done which is to remove moles and certain other unwanted skin growths. Not only does it work but it works quite quickly. The average sized mole takes about a week. Larger ones take up to a month. This is not scientific evidence, just what I've observed. At first I thought that this product (CastorCream™) only removed the mole by being acidic and eating away at the mole but I noticed that as the lump was going down, patches of what looked like normal skin color began to appear. And most of the time, before it was totally gone the raised area became totally skin color. The directions say to massage a small amount into the mole but I don't follow the directions because I tend to get it on the surrounding skin causing irritation and I find it actually takes longer to remove the mole. I have found that scooping up a small glob with a Q-tip and putting the clump of CastorCream™ on the mole and applying a bandage works faster." - C.K. Oakland, CA

"This product (CastorCream™) is utterly amazing! I had my doubts but went ahead and tried it anyway. It gets rid of moles! I didn't even know that was possible. I wish I had known about this years ago. I had a brown, raised, very odd shaped mole. It was in a very awkward location and was constantly be rubbed and irritated by my clothing and getting distorted even further. After a few weeks application, it is completely gone! I am now using it on a second, similar mole and after 2 weeks it is almost gone as well. The brown color has faded and it has smoothed out. It will be gone soon. My husband is in the midst of using it on a wart that he has had for years. Nothing else has worked on it. CastorCream™ is dissolving it after a few applications. Try this product (CastorCream™) and believe that it will work!" - C.E., Maricopa, AZ

"I used it for a sunspot that spread, and this worked better and removed it all, better than some other cream I was using. I was massaging it in to the area and used it 3 times a day. My husband is using it for a mole and has seen changes slow but sure. For the mole he is using 2x. Thanks." - G.L., Delray Beach, FL

"It is one of the few things that soothes an allergic rash on my hands that does not wash or wear off while I cook or clean." - P.G. Trenton, NJ

"I have removed several rough moles and cholesterol patches on my face, arms and legs by applying [CastorCream™] as Cayce directed. I have given CastorCream™ to my mother and to my aunt - they also had success removing what my dermatologist referred to as "scotch-irish" moles. Thank you." - B.B., Charlotte, NC

"I have several larger moles and tried this (CastorCream™) on two. I am not a real patient person and it gets frustrating wearing a band-aid all the time. HOWEVER, the color is MUCH lighter than before. Also they are smaller/flatter..." - D.L.,Westland, MI

"This is the first product (CastorCream™) that not only removes the lesions, but actually destroys them, I guess the best way to say it is, true roots or cells supporting the growth of the lesions. The result is clear, clean and soft skin over both sides of my neck and upper chest. I couldn't be more pleased and will continue to order CastorCream™. Thank you." - B.S., St. Louis, MO

"I am normally a skeptic about these types of 'cures' but this product (CastorCream™) does indeed perform exactly as advertised. I had a skin tag on my face for over 20 years and after 6 weeks of application of this cream, the skin tag is gone. The ingredients are innocuous but effective." - T.D. Santa Maria, CA

"I had two moles on my back that itched and irritated me. I have been applying the CastorCream™ and the itching and irritation has gone away. They seem to be getting smaller!" - H.S., Monroe, MI

"It (CastorCream™) helped warts on my son's hands." - D.B. Bridgeton, NJ

"After using CastorCream™ I was able to literally peel off a big black mole on my belly. This is great stuff!!" - G.B., Las Vegas, NV

"Used CastorCream™ twice a day for skin tag on my neck and after 3-4 weeks-it came off! Very happy!" - C.M. Southington, CT

"It (CastorCream™) helped with some skin problems, a corn and a long-staying wart. The skin hasn't been killed the way a couple of medicines have in the past." - P.L. Beaverton, OR

Palma Christi Skin Lotion

"I bought Unscented Palma Christi Skin Lotion for my mother to help with dry skin. Not only did it help with that, but it helped with some redness she had on her face also!" - S.B., Louisville, KY

"I love the [Palma Christi Skin Lotion] and have used it for years." – D.W., Mount Vernon, WA

"I have used products that are $100 (for less than 1 oz) and the Palma Christi Skin lotion is better! I use it on my face, neck, arms everywhere." - C.L., Wrightsown, NJ

"This lotion (Palma Christi Skin Lotion) does a wonderful job. My skin is very sensitive, and there is no irritation from this lotion." - M.M., Pawcatuck, CT

"... I'm a lover of your catalog and a daily user of the Christi Palms (Palma Christi) lotion, love it..." - L., Santa Barbara, CA

"I love the products. I am ordering the Palma Christi lotion for myself and my family. It has changed my appearance of my 'older' face to look like I have had a face lift!!! I noticed a difference but when several people asked me what I was doing, well!!! Thanks." - S.O., Warrington, PA

"Just had to tell you how GREAT that skin lotion is. Yes, it was good on my hands, but when I got home I put it on my itching legs and the itching stopped almost instantly. That's a first as I have tried everything Marge brings into the house for skin care. Your lotion is #1!!!!!! Nothing else is even close. Many thanks!!! - W.G., West Chester, PA

"I ordered one of your products about two months ago, I think, and was very impressed with the Palma Christi lotion. I have psoriasis which is a fancy word for excessively dry skin - and have found that the lotion is wonderful for my condition. Fortunately, my psoriasis is mild and usually clears completely in the summer sun, but the Palma Christi lotion has almost taken its symptoms away without exposure to sun. I also appreciate that the pump in the bottle works all the way to the last bit of lotion in the bottle. (Most pump-action dispensers give out with 1/3 to 1/4 of the contents still trapped in the bottle.) You can be sure that I will replenish my supply of that lotion." - N.L., Kentwood, MI

"People are always asking about my skin, I tell them I wash my face with soap and water and then use Palma Christi Skin Lotion" - P.D., Woodbridge, VA

Palma Christi Soap

"Thank you for sending me the catalog. We have been using Palma Christi liquid and hand soap since we discovered it... Both are very good for sensitive skin. My husband uses the liquid for hair care." - J.R., Oakland, CA

"I love the Palma Christi soap, it's wonderful!" - J.L., Flagler Beach, FL

"The Palma Christi Soap is the best thing for the skin. Everybody asks me about my skin. I use no makeup, just the Palma Christi soap." - M.V., Naperville, IL

"The Palma Christi Bar Soap is great stuff, it makes me look 15 years younger!" - F.D., Elkton, MD

"I love the Palma Christi soap, it's wonderful!" - J.L., Flagler Beach, FL

"I am using your Palma Christi bar soap and I must say that I have never before found a bar soap that was so moisturizing that didn't get all mushy in the shower. I am very happy with it and it makes my weekly shower and tub scrubbing much easier." - S.S., Pennsylvania

"I love this soap! There is no scent and it leaves your skin soft and smooth. One bar lasts much longer than regular soap. I'm on my second order and will continue to use this product." - S.H. Eloy, AZ

"I just wanted to say that my entire family loves these products. The Palma Christi Bar Soap is the most amazing soap I have ever used. Lately I have seen all these commercials for body washes that have moisturizers in them and there is no need to moisturize after the shower and I always say, 'Not for my skin'. I have very sensitive skin that drys easily. I skip my after bath moisturizer all the time. (Only really for right after shaving!!) My husband and daughter have used it and I can tell a noticeable difference after only one use!!!! I love it!!!" - D.C., Brooklyn, NY

Palma Christi Lip Balm

"The Palma Christi Lip Balm is the best I've tried. I frequently give them away as gifts or as needed, and they have been loved by everyone." - D.S., Southgate MI

"Both the Palma Christi Lip Balm and the Olivae Lip Balm moisturized my lips without leaving a waxy coating." - A.B., Coatesville, PA

"I really enjoy baar products, so i am looking forward to receiving this order. the olivae lip balm in particular is a fave, because my lips are always dry." - N.A.


"I really love the Roll-On Castor Oil. It is very convenient." – B.W., Reading, PA

"The roll-on castor oil is great for so many things. In fact, a number of years ago, I had poison ivy...again. Only this time I tried Castor Oil. It worked better than any calamine lotion, and took my itch level down to 1, from a 9! Then it cleared up much more rapidly, too. I always share my story with people who have it, and recommend your site, for excellent castor oil... I love the castor oil roll-on and just ordering more! Never stop making this, PLEASE! It's so much easier to use with Castor Oil hot packs and not get your fingers all greasy!" - J.R., Fitchburg, MA

"I love the Palma Christos™, Roll-On Organic Castor Oil and am very grateful there is a company like Baar that sells such an exceptional product. I use it constantly. Thank you!" - C.C., CO

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